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What types of food do you serve?

We work from prepared or custom menus. Our catering menu is always being updated. Please call (800) 488-3084 for more information or view it online at www.EventProWest.com/Catering.

How extensive are your catering services?

We have the capability to prepare meals for small or large events, either buffet-style or sit-down/served services.

How many people can you service?

EPW provides a wide variety of meals out of our 10,000-square-foot facility that has the capability to produce 12,000 meals daily. We have a registered dietitian and professional chef on staff. – See more at: www.EventProWest.com/Catering

Where can I find a menu?

Our catering menu is currently being updated. Please call (800) 488-3084 for more information.

– See more at: www.EventProWest.com/Catering

Can you explain the different levels of service you provide?

  1. Drop N Go – Our drop & go service is our most economical option for those who wish to take care of all aspects of serving a meal.
  2. Prep N Go – Our prep & go service includes a catering manager who will help with the catering delivery set up and prepare all dishes for serving. Including removing wraps and placing all items in a well-organized manner so you and your guests can simply serve immediately.
  3. Prep & Stay
  4. Prep & Serve (Full Service) –

How is the food transported?

Depending on the amount of catering ordered, most of our items are delivered by a friendly staff delivery driver in one of our air-conditioned or heated vans. All of our food items by default are presented in black plastic Cambro pan steam/heating trays. The science behind cooking a meal perfectly so that it shows up hot and ready to serve at your event is what sets EPW apart from other catering services. In fact, our Cambo’s keep food so warm that we only lose 2-3 degrees per hour in temperature. Making sure your food arrives hot and ready to serve for hours.

Do you offer other stainless flatware or china instead of paper?

YES! We include all serving and eating utensils with your order. However, if you would like to rent better-quality items please visit our rental site at www.EventProRental.com